Sunday, August 11, 2013

Live and Let Drood, by Simon R Green

Live and Let Drood, by Simon R Green

I thoroughly enjoy the mind candy of the Secret History novels. The plot here is a lot more straightforward than past entries but still fun: the Drood family save Eddie have vanished and the story details the quest to find them and exact revenge on the perpetrators. The reader has to ignore some fairly large holes in the process (Droods have field agents in every major city across the globe but they all happened to be in the same English manor when it vanished?) but considering the abundance of magical devices and pocket dimensions belief is easy to suspend. The pop culture references are relentless, and I love that Green doesn't stop to explain any of them—either you catch them and smile or you miss out. My favorites this outing were the line delivered teasingly, "Sisters, sisters, such devoted sisters..." and the fact that the heroes find themselves driving a 1958 Plymouth Fury with a mind of its own. If you like your fanstasy adventure heavy on the humorous side, you should check this series out.

First Sentence:
You think you know where your life is going.

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