Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Ambassador's Mission, by Trudi Canavan

The Ambassador's Mission, by Trudi Canavan

A return to the world of Canavan's Black Magician series! I loved the first trilogy, and the standalone The Magician's Apprentice added a lot of flavor to the universe. This new adventure is split into two storylines: one follows Sonea from the first books twenty years later and hunting rogue magicians and the other follows Sonea's son and his exploration of a neighboring land. The latter story is more interesting but less satisfying as there isn't a natural conclusion—it just stops, waiting to be picked up in the next book. As with many fantasy novels the plot isn't complicated, but Canavan explores some fairly deep topics such as sexism, homosexuality, and drug use. Being the first of three novels this is mostly setup, but I look forward to see how the themes develop.

First Sentence:
The most successful and quoted piece by the poet Rewin, greatest of the rabble to come out of the New City, was called Citysong.

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