Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spring in Action, by Walls and Breidenbach

Spring in Action, by Walls and Breidenbach

This book irritated me so much it took me months to work up the desire to blog about it. I picked it up several months ago because I wanted to become more familiar with Spring, the development framework we are using at work. The general concepts s presented are fine, but as it turns out, nothing the (fairly good) doc on the Spring website didn’t cover. The reason I disliked this was that the examples were wrong. Not typo-wrong, but not-even-close wrong. I was so confused that I asked a co-worker that is very comfortable with Spring, and he was confused as well. Few books in this genre are error-free, but this was egregious. I’ve read most of Tapestry in Action as well (I didn’t finish it so I didn’t blog about it) and was fairly unimpressed with it as well. I don’t see myself picking up many more ... in Action books in the future.

First Sentence:
It all started with a bean.

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