Thursday, December 30, 2004

Blow Fly, by Patricia Cornwell

Blow Fly, by Patricia Cornwell

Generally, I have liked the Scarpetta books. The stories have been engaging and the characters interesting. Blow Fly, though, is pretty bad in my opinion. Cornwell spends way too much time rehashing events that happened in previous books; while this is common in series fiction, it was extremely intrusive here. The main characters are losing their uniqueness and becoming simply a group of vigilantes; there is virtually no detecting done here, just people plodding through the story. There is a lot of build-up to confrontations with the bad guys, but then they are dispatched quickly and relatively quietly. And the ease at which a villain escapes from prison is silly: a convicted killer on death row just walks out in a stolen uniform because the guards are distracted? Please.

First Sentence:
Dr. Kay Scarpetta moves the tiny glass vial close to candlelight, illuminating a maggot drifting in a poisonous bath of ethanol.

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