Saturday, January 30, 2010

Milestones, by Samira Armin Hodges

Milestones: Can You Keep a Secret? by Samira Armin Hodges

This young adult book was given to me by my son, who in turn was given it by the author. It is a fun read, and has some good messages for teens just under the surface: making the transition from childhood to adulthood is hard, but everyone can do it. And everyone can make a difference. “[Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] never lost momentum because it was such a wonderful story. Nowadays, Snow White will not live in a castle. She will not necessarily be white. But her story will essentially be the same. And her story will once again change society as we know it.” Coming in somewhere between Holes and Percy Jackson, this is a pleasant mystery with lively characters that I’d recommend to any tween parent.

First Sentence:
It all started when I got struck by lightning.

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