Sunday, January 15, 2006

Coach Royal, by Darrell Royal with John Wheat

Coach Royal: Conversations with a Texas Football Legend, by Darrell Royal with John Wheat

Darrell Royal is one of the best college football coaches this country has ever seen. While I’m familiar with the legend, I found I didn’t actually know much about the man. This book is far from an in-depth biography, but it does cover at a brisk pace the life of the man known simply as Coach. It is in a conversational format, not a narrative so the content is very easy to follow. I hadn’t realized how much job-hopping Royal did early in his career; after he graduated from (shudder) OU he spent one year each running six different teams before landing at Texas. Can you imagine someone today going from student to head coach at a major university in such a short time? I would have liked to gotten a bit more detail on his thoughts on racism in the 60’s and Title IX, but still enjoyed it for what it was. Any Texas fan will enjoy this, especially after the recent big win!

First Sentence:
I began my conversations with Coach Royal in the spring of 1993 to record in his own words the story of his legendary career at the University of Texas.

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