Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Dark Side of the Game, by Tim Green

The Dark Side of the Game: My Life in the NFL, by Tim Green

This isn’t a biography, but a collection of essays about the NFL. None are all that in-depth and most are more anecdote than analysis, but all are interesting. We get a peek into topics that range from training camp to injuries, from agents to the media, from playing dirty to retirement. I’d have preferred a deeper dive into a few of the topics but still found this a pretty good read. The biggest detraction was that it is somewhat dated now; it was written in 1996 and the landscape of professional football has obviously changed since then (been a while since the 49ers and Cowboys have been the cream of the NFL). Light reading for sure, but you could have a worse book sitting in your bathroom (especially if you enjoy watching football).

First Sentence:
When I meet people for the first time and they learn that I played for eight years in the NFL, their eyes glaze over with that faraway look of a person dreaming what he’ll do if he wins the lottery.

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