Thursday, December 30, 2004


I had a great time watching the Holiday bowl tonight! Texas Tech is probably my second favorite team in the Big XII (after the Longhorns, of course) and they took care of Cal easily. I lost a lot of respect for Cal with all the whining they've done recently; I understand that they thought they deserved a BCS slot but they should have been mad at the system, not at Texas. We didn't come up with the formulas for who gets to BCS and who doesn't; hell - last year we were on the outside looking in. Tech showed the world that maybe the system isn't as far off as the west coast would have you believe! I especially liked hearing the Tech band playing some of the Longhorn band standard tunes in the fourth quarter, rubbing it in a bit. Go Tech! Go Longhorns! Oh - and ESPNHD rocks!

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