Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life's Little Annoyances, by Ian Urbina

Life’s Little Annoyances: True Tales of People Who Just Can’t Take It Anymore, by Ian Urbina

From the jerk who steals the parking spot for which you’ve been patiently waiting to the guy reclining his airline seat into your lap, from Starbuck’s insistence on calling a 24oz drink a Venti (which means 20, not 24) to shrink-wrapped CD’s that refuse to open, Urbina presents a collection of funny stories that express the exasperation we all feel at, well, life’s little annoyances. Most tales recount a bit of petty revenge, many of them quite clever. My favorite was the fellow that gets so irritated at the blow-in subscription cards in magazines that he drops them back in the mailbox—blank—so the offending company has to pay the postage. Another good one was the man who booked a room at a hotel hosting a telemarketing convention, and then starting calling every other room at 3am. This is a really quick read, fun but no real substance.

First Sentence (from the Introduction):
Most days the job ended late.

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