Monday, March 14, 2011

This Body of Death, by Elizabeth George

This Body of Death, by Elizabeth George

I’ve missed Inspector Lynley and was glad to see another episode. I thought Lynley was a bit out of character here, shunning the instincts of his trusted team and friends to embrace their hated superior, but the actual mystery was captivating. George bounces back and forth between the story of a murdered ten year old boy and an unidentified young woman in a London graveyard. The two threads have seemingly nothing in common, but knowing that they are presented in the same narrative and need to share a conclusion makes it fairly obvious how they are related but no less suspenseful. While interesting, it was disappointing that we spent so much time with folks other than Lynley, Havers, St. James and the gang, and when we do see our friends they are whining about the new chief or at odds with each other. Overall I have mixed feelings here listing towards the negative; a good mystery with atypical character behavior—unfortunately sixteen books into the series I’m here more for the people than the prose.

First Sentence:
Reports from the investigating officers who interviewed both Michael Spargo and his mother prior to charges being filed against him all suggest that the morning of the boy’s tenth birthday began badly.

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