Monday, June 30, 2008

1635: The Cannon Law, by Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis

1635: The Cannon Law, by Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis

A direct sequel to 1634: The Galileo Affair this book is more of the same recipe. The introduction of 20th century beliefs to the Catholic Church of the 17th century is causing wide discord, to the point of Spanish cardinals trying to impeach the Pope and causing a religious civil war. The action was quick and the characters were likable (especially Don Vincente and Ruy Sanchez) if a bit one-note in their behavior. The biggest drawback was that the book just stops; clearly another book (something like 1636: The Barberini Strike Back I’m sure) will be issued, but there aren’t enough loose ends wrapped up to have a satisfying conclusion to this volume. Flint sharing authorship of the Assiti Shards books have led to an amazingly rich universe of stories, but this one felt like the last third was missing. What is there is enjoyable, though; I’ll continue to read these as they appear.

First Sentence:
Don Vincente Jose-Maria Castro y Papas, Captain in His Most Catholic Majesty’s Army in the Two Sicilies, tried sneering at the stack of paperwork and the book and ledgers of the company he commanded.

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