Thursday, May 08, 2008

Killing Floor, by Lee Child

Killing Floor, by Lee Child

This book introduces Jack Reacher, a former Military Policeman that served with the Army’s Special Investigations Unit. After mustering out of the army, he spends his time exploring America, drifting from town to town with no real plan: Rambo without a psychotic break. The story starts with a bang: Reacher gets arrested on the first page for a crime he didn’t commit. The running commentary of everything the officers did correctly and incorrectly for the first couple of chapters was hilarious; it also served to demonstrate just how good Reacher is. The plot was interesting although not terribly complicated. It struck me as overly naive in a couple of places (“They couldn’t prove something had happened if it hadn’t happened.”) and the twist of having Reacher’s brother appear in a middle-of-nowhere Georgia town stretched reason fairly thin. That said, the action rolls along quickly and the characters are quite enjoyable. This is the first Reacher novel, but it won’t be my last.

First Sentence:
I was arrested in Eno’s Diner, at twelve o’clock.

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