Saturday, February 09, 2008

Other reading!

I was asked the other day why I haven’t been blogging much lately. I am still reading, but have simply been slow to post. A big reason, though, is that we’ve had a recent flurry of magazines start to hit the house. After Thanksgiving my wife and I had a bunch of airline miles that were about to expire so we used them to get a few magazine subscriptions. A week or so later, we received a letter saying that one of the publications we’d ordered was no longer available, and would we please pick five other titles for the inconvenience! A week after that we had another message arrive saying that one magazine was going to be delayed in starting and to pick yet another bunch as an apology. Needless to say that we now have piles of periodicals around the house, especially as we were already subscribed to three papers and a handful of other magazines already!

A quick pass of the house reveals the following recent arrivals:

The saddest thing is, I’m not sure I got them all!

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