Monday, July 23, 2007

Ten Gallons!

“id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5090590954833926226 As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a regular blood donor. I went in this afternoon to give and was told I’d reached the ten gallon mark! I’m pretty happy, as I can’t seem to keep other good habits going on a regular basis. I’ll work out for a while, then lapse into watching sports on TV instead; I’ll eat healthy, then find myself gorging at Burger Tex; I’ll drink only water for a while, then spend $150 buying every style of Dogfish Head at Grape Vine Market and drink it all in a long weekend. For some reason, though, making fairly regular blood donations is something I’ve managed to keep up with over time. I struck up a conversation with a fellow donor and was fairly pleased with myself for reaching ten gallons—then he told me he’d just reached the fifty gallon mark. Yeah, fifty gallons! It took him 33 years, but still damn impressive. I’ve got a new goal now!

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Terrill Richardson said...

1st. Nice beer store. Hard to tell by the web site, but it seems to surpass Central Market.

Second, I'm not sure I would want your blood after drinking all that beer :-)

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