Saturday, July 28, 2007

End of Story, by Peter Abrahams

End of Story, by Peter Abrahams

An unpublished writer gets a job working with inmates and decides one of them is innocent, taking it upon herself to solve a crime that is nearly ten years old. Why does she decide this felon is innocent? Because he is a great writer. (Clearly people with the noble skill of creating prose can’t be criminals, right?) This writer-cum-waitress is bright enough to figure out what happened to a guy that disappeared from witness protection, finds the obvious clue that all the cops missed at the time, but doesn’t see that breaking someone out of prison is a bad idea. Bleah. If you like one-dimensional characters, people used as MacGuffins, and telegraphed plots, then this is the mystery for you!

First Sentence:
“How is going the writing?” said Dragan Karodojic.

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