Saturday, March 03, 2007

Money for Nothing, by Donald E. Westlake

Money for Nothing, by Donald E. Westlake

Second book in a row by Westlake that was ridiculous. This one features an unintentional spy, a guy that cashed checks which later blackmailed him into betraying his country. As unbelievable as that sounds, it gets worse. The victim goes along with the plot because he is afraid either 1. nobody will believe him, or 2. the $80,000 collected over seven years will make him look guilty. Never mind that the two reasons contradict each other. When given the chance to escape, he doesn’t take it because he’d rather stop the bad guys—even though he knows they intend to kill him when everything is over. Utterly silly. I don’t think I’ll be reading much by Westlake in the future.

First Sentence:
When the first check came in, Josh Redmont, who was then twenty-seven, had no idea what it was for.

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