Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The City Under Ground, by Suzanne Martel

The City Under Ground, by Suzanne Martel

This is a science-fiction book aimed at children. It tells the story of a society that has survived underground for a couple of centuries after a nuclear holocaust. They live in a closed environment controlled by an apparent artificial intelligence in a sort of benevolent dictatorship. A fear of the outside has developed over time, but interestingly not agoraphobia. Of course, the times are changing and a crack in the seals keeping the people safe from the surface has appeared.

This was lent to me by a co-worker after we were talking about our kid’s reading habits. I tried to get my son interested, but he couldn’t understand why anyone would be scared of being outside. He is also pretty into pirates and fantasy tales right now, so I’ll probably try again later. It reminded me of some of the earlier sci-fi I read, like John Christopher and Madeline L’Engle. Ah, memories!

First Sentence:
“We mustn’t be seen!”

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