Friday, March 24, 2006

Java 5.0 Tiger: A Developer's Notebook, by David Flanagan and Brett McLaughlin

Java 5.0 Tiger: A Developer’s Notebook, by David Flanagan and Brett McLaughlin

First a book about geeks, then a book by a geek, and now a book for geeks. I gotta get a life! :)

Tiger was the code-name for the most recent version of Java. This notebook details a bunch of the new features introduced in this release, and does a pretty good job of it. Generics is the feature about which I’m the most excited; for all Java’s hype as a type-safe language this was an aspect sorely missing. I’ve been a fan of generics ever since I worked on JGL back in the late 90’s. Many people are upset about the addition of templates (and most any change in the language), but then some people will bitch about anything. Fools.

The biggest complaint I have is that the chapter on the new threading and synchronization constructs was really rushed. There was as much space dedicated to enumerations as there was to the much more complicated topic of concurrency! Minor quibble aside, the authors do a good job of explaining the new features. It is a quick read and worth your time if you work in Java.

First Sentence:
Even with nearly 200 pages before you, its going to be awfully tough to cover all of Tiger’s new features.

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