Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Eternity Road, by Jack McDevitt

Eternity Road, by Jack McDevitt

From alternate history to future history. This novel owes a lot to A Canticle for Leibowitz but doesn’t have the philosophical depth. Canticle tells of how an order of monks tries to keep alive history and technology after a nuclear holocaust. Eternity Road, on the other hand, is the quest of society to rediscover the history that is known to be lost. I loved the references to landmarks during the quest across the future United States, some that exist in our time (the Iron Pyramid) and some that don’t (the Richard Feynman Supercollider). The characters were too one-dimensional for me to really care when endangered or rewarded, but the slowly emerging story of what happened to our world kept me reading.

First Sentence:
It is a fond and universally held notion that only things of the spirit truly endure: love, sunsets, music, drama.


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