Thursday, April 21, 2005

Off topic

It has been a while since I posted last, but I've been pretty busy. Just this last week I saw two shows (Thoroughly Modern Millie and Nickel and Dimed), went to the O'Reilly 300 Busch race, watched the Rangers lose to the Jays, and saw the Austin Wranglers play. Who has time to read? :) They aren't books, but a couple of words about the shows: Thoroughly Modern Millie was really good. I was surprised to find that a bunch of the music was borrowed from other shows and changed the lyrics. One of my favorite Gilbert and Sullivan tunes was here, My Eyes Are Fully Open from Ruddigore. This show is chock-full of peppy music, political incorrectness, and a whole lot of fun. Nickel and Dimed on the other hand was simply awful. It was a two hour diatribe on the evils of modern corporations and the heartlessness of people with white collar jobs. The employees are all overworked saints and the managers are heartless cretins. In one vignette a busboy is caught stealing and we are supposed to feel sorry for him when he is fired. Liberal nonsense.

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