Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tom Clancy's Net Force: Springboard, by Perry and Segriff

Tom Clancy’s Net Force: Springboard, by Perry and Segriff

I’d say this book is candy for the mind, but candy is considered to be a good thing and I’m not sure if this qualifies. Maybe I should call it castor oil for the mind instead. In any case, this is clearly the weakest of the Net Force series. The formerly (somewhat) interesting characters have become one-dimensional shadows compared to earlier books (where they weren’t exactly complex and realistic). I did enjoy the ridiculous Frenchman (a redundant phrase if I’ve ever heard one) but the rest of the cast was unintentionally laughable. The tale is set in the near future, but the VR tech portrayed is decades away, if ever. Tom Clancy must be hard up for money to keep his name on these!

First Sentence:
“Ladies and gentlemen,” the tour guide said, “this is the original Paramount Studios wrought-iron gate, built in 1926.”

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