Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Salty Piece of Land, by Jimmy Buffett

A Salty Piece of Land, by Jimmy Buffett

Just finished Jimmy Buffett's new novel. It is filled with the kind of characters you imagine meeting at a bar in Aruba. Not the Carlos'n Charlies near where the cruise ships dock, but the one a couple of blocks inland where the locals hang out. Even the names are unique: Tully Mars, Cleopatra Highbourne, Ix-Nay, and Captain Kirk to name just a few. These delightful personalities float through adventure after adventure with an esprit de corps that made me want to head for the coast myself. There aren't any deep themes or hidden messages, but a reverence for simply living life is deeply rooted in each character—a concept for which a lot of people I know could benefit. I was thoroughly entertained by this book; if you enjoy spending hours drinking beer while doing nothing but watch the tide come and go, you probably will too.

First Sentence:
It all simply comes down to good guys and bad guys.

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