Saturday, July 06, 2013

Version Control with Git, by Jon Loeliger and Matthew McCullough

Version Control with Git: Powerful Tools and Techniques for Collaborative Software Development, by Jon Loeliger and Matthew McCullough

I first came across Git at a previous job, but the person that setup and maintained the system had moved on. None of the other developers (including myself) had any experience with the tool and so we sort of made due the best we could but found the experience frustrating. As I'm starting an exciting new job where Git is in wide use I wanted to have a better understanding of the software; I've had good luck with O'Reilly books in the past so I picked up this one. Once again, O'Reilly doesn't disappoint.

Version Control with Git is a well designed reference, walking the reader through download and installation to the basic underlying principals all the way through advanced manipulations. The examples are both useful and obvious and the illustrations complement the text well; Loeliger makes even complicated topics like altering existing commits clear. There were some editing errors such as diagrams being printed in the wrong order and an odd way of sometimes referring to the very next sentence as if it were in another part of the book entirely, but nothing so major that basic understanding of the topic at hand was impacted. At this point I not only understand why git pull does not behave like svn update but also marvel at the possibilities of true collaborative development. I very much look forward to seeing how Git is used at my new job!

First Sentence:
No cautious, creative person starts a project nowadays without a back-up strategy.

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