Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Assholes Finish First, by Tucker Max

Assholes Finish First, by Tucker Max

Tucker Max is as articulate and intelligent as he is debauched and misogynistic. I loved his first book, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, so when I received Assholes Finish First for Christmas I was quite happy. Sadly, this outing didn’t capture the same horrifying charm as the first.

There is a lot of humor here, and again some of the phrasing is laugh-out-loud funny. “I love women, I love alcohol, and I love combining the two. If God invented anything better than drunk sex with a hot girl, he kept it to himself.” “She had one of those goofy permanent smiles, like the kind worn by people who watch The 700 Club without irony.” Really funny! Unfortunately, many of the stories here struck me as more vulgar than funny. I’m not pro-life by any stretch of the imagination, but the chapter titled Tucker Max: Baby Killer can only be described as somewhere between dismaying and disgusting.

While there are some high points (especially “Tucker Goes to Campout, Owns Duke Nerds” and “The Capitol City Clown Crawl”), overall it seems this book is more about self-gratification than storytelling. Assholes Finish First is funny, but compared to the promise of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell ultimately disappointing.

First Sentence:
I went to law school at Duke, and as you may know, basketball is huge there.

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