Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Four Feathers, by A.E.W. Mason

The Four Feathers, by A.E.W. Mason

The themes of duty and self-sacrifice are pervasive in The Four Feathers. Set in the Crimean War era, the book tells the story of a man trying to reclaim his honor, his self-respect, and his love. Harry Feversham is a soldier that is terrified of not being able to live up to expectations, and leaves the military right before deploying to avoid combat. Some of mates accuse him of shirking his duty, each giving Harry a white feather representing his cowardice. When explaining to his fiancée, she also accuses him and breaks the engagement. Harry, of course, turns out to be exceptionally brave and goes on a quest for redemption. I found the story entertaining and engaging, although considering the book has been in print for over 100 years this isn’t so surprising!

First Sentence:
Lieutenant Sutch was the first of General Feversham’s guests to reach Broad Place.

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