Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shatnerquake, by Jeff Burk

Shatnerquake: An Action Novel, by Jeff Burk

Imagine a world where celebrity rules supreme, where entertainment stars are worshiped as deities, where actors are blurred with the characters they play. (No, not this world!) Here, William Shatner is a mega-star and a bit of a conceited ass. (Still not this world!) He is attending ShatnerCon, a convention to honor him, when the followers of a rival (Bruce Campbell, naturally) detonate a Reality Bomb, which brings all the fictional characters Shatner has ever portrayed to life. Unfortunately for the real William Shatner, the copies all have a single goal: to kill the original!

Not even 100 pages long, this had me in stitches. The idea of Captain Kirk, Mirror Universe Captain Kirk, Denny Crane, T.J. Hooker, Bob Wilson, the Negotiator, everyone Shatner has played all running around trying to kill each other is fantastic. The farce gets more violent (and even funnier!) as the various characters begin to interact, and when Kirk finds a working lightsaber it spirals completely out of control. This is a hilarious read, so over-the-top that you don’t even notice how ridiculous it all is because you are laughing so hard!

First Sentence:
Sniveling little sycophantic shits, thought William Shatner looking from the limo’s back seat.


Mark Lehmann said...

Should that be "thought William Shatner?" in the first sentence?

Klobetime said...

Yup - fixed and thanks!

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