Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One Heartbeat II, by Mack Brown and Bill Little

One Heartbeat II: The Road To The National Championship, by Mack Brown and Bill Little

From the title I knew this was a follow-up to One Heartbeat, but I expected more of a sequel rather than a rehash. The first two-thirds of One Heartbeat II are identical to the previous volume; the remaining chapters tell the story of the Texas Longhorn’s 2005 National Championship season. While this is a fascinating and exciting story, I admit I was hoping for more. That said, being a Longhorn Foundation member and football season ticket holder for over 15 years, I loved reading about how the team battled through the season and won the crystal football! If you haven’t read the first book, read this one instead. If you have read the first one, read this one anyway!

First Sentence (from the Prologue):
It was twilight at the house on Waters Edge, and the gentle breezes coming off the lake left only a muted memory of the sweltering sun that had begun the day.

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